Peasant Opera

Peasant Opera (2002) – the most successful Pintér-production to date – was a crucial moment in the company’s life. A uniquely inspired atmosphere, lucky encounters and a long and tedious rehearsal process brought this show to perfection. The young composer Benedek Darvas has both classic and pop music literature at his fingertips. He can pull a tune or rework a motif any time he wants using his musical skills just as as freely as Pintér plays with the rules of the stage. It was this exceptional encounter between composer and playwright that made the Peasant Opera so special. Pintér’s style and way of thinking had not changed, but this added creative phase of setting the text to music helped the production to become more mature and more sophisticated than his earlier work. In Peasant Opera all earlier endeavours, experiments, stylistic motifs are present in their most perfect form. It is the essence of everything this company knows about the theatre and the world.

Krisztina Kovács, Pintér’s former dramaturg

„The tasty revelations that bring „Peasant Opera” to a macabre climax are not to be divulged here. I might just observe that by the time the whole sordid tale has been told, you may well have forgotten the starting sight of that sequined phallus.”

Charles Isherwood, New York Times, 2009

Peasant Opera - international tours

Teatro Maria Matos, Lisboa - 2010
Lincoln Center, New York – 2009
Grand Theatre de Dijon - 2009
Festival Transamériques, Montreal - 2009
Die Besten aus dem Osten Festival, Wien - 2009
Festival d’Automne, Paris – 2008
Theatre Passages, Nancy – 2007
Central-Eastern European Theatre Festival, Wien - 2007
Sterijino Pozorje Festival, Novi Sad, Vojvodina - 2006
Theater Brett, Wien – 2006
Kontakt International Theatre Festival, Torun - 2005
Bellouard Bollwerk International Festival, Fribourg - 2005
Eurokaz Festival, Zagreb - 2005
Theater der Welt Festival, Stuttgart – 2005
Hungarian Season, Moscow – 2005
Paradise Regained: Arnhem, Groningham, Utrecht, Rotterdam, Hertogenbosch - 2004
Pilsen International Theatre Festival, Pilsen - 2004
International Theatre Festival, Ljubljana – 2004
Magyar Magic – Cardiff - 2004

The Best Musical Production of the Year - Hungarian Critics’ Award - 2002