Muck is one of the very few productions of the season 2009-2010 which reflected on present Hungarian reality in a visceral, no-nonsense manner (Mein Kampf by Tabori at the National directed by former Krétakör-actor Roland Rába is another one). In a time when a paramilitary fascist organisation like the Hungarian Guard can form in this country, and when after a lot of evasion and empty talk it is finally banned only to be reformed the next day; in a time when the language of the 1930‘s is once again socially acceptable both in papers and on street; in a time when racist murderers drive around killing Gypsies randomly including a 5 year old boy; in a time when a state president does not feel the need to speak up until after the seventh such attack in  row; in such times it is extremely hard to understand how most theatre-makers can go about doing their light farces and deep Russian dramas with absolutely no reference to the world around us. Béla Pintér’s theatre thrives on the present, on what is happening to us. Very lucky for us.

What Béla Pintér puts on stage is not only unmistakably stage-worthy drama, but recognisable Hungarian reality. With rapturous imagination his grotesques conjure up the current dream-world out of the everyday bitterness of the most wretched Hungarian. (...)The company wraps its sentimentality in irony and operates a human sincerity shot through with satire. Its every word, every movement precise, worked out, apposite and sincere (...)  Muck is one of the best Hungarian plays of all time and a thrilling performance.

Péter Molnár Gál

She who is not loved never knows precisely why she is not loved. She blames the injustice in the world, or people's apathy, whereas really everyone avoids her because of her stunted emotional intelligence, her selfishness and narrow-mindedness. Because avoid her they certainly do. They are not keen to speak to her. To be unloved is hellish agony. One's brow furls, one clenches one's teeth, one's hands tighten into fists. At such times she is most dangerous. She, who is not loved.

Rózsi - Zsófia Szamosi
Irén - Tünde Szalontay
Anita - Éva Enyedi
Attila - Zoltán Friedenthal 
Uncle Bandi - Szabolcs Thuróczy   
Uncle Pali - László Quitt
Béla - Györk Szakonyi 
Etus - Hella Roszik 
Professor, Policeman, Chairman of the jury - Béla Pintér              

Music: Róbert Kerényi
Costume design: Mari Benedek
Assistant of Costume designer: Júlia Kiss
Set designer: Gábor Tamás
Mask, puppet: Sosa Juristovszky
Light: Zoltán Vida
Assistants of the director: Rozália Hajdú
Financing: Gyula Inhaizer
Production manager: Anna Hidvegi
Writer and director: Béla Pintér

Tour abroad:

International Theatre Festival Divadelna Nitra, Slovakia, 2010

Sponsored by “Theater der Welt 2010 Mülheim an der Ruhr und Essen, Festival of the International Theatre Institute

Organized by Theater an der Ruhr and Schauspiel Essen in collaboration with the European Capital of Culture  RUHR.2010”, Ministry of National Resources, National Cultural Fund