Word for Word

a documentary play about Roma murders in Hungary

Word for Word
PanoDrama’s documentary theatre project
about the racist attacks against Roma in 2008-2009
opens 10th March 2011, Trafó

As the third phase of PanoDrama’s project-series of the very few documentary theatre projects in Hungary, discussing racially motivated murders and attacks against the Roma - not only those in the serial killing. This show bears the working title “Word for Word” and will be devised with the methods of verbatim theatre based in-depth interviews with victims, families, perpetrators if possible, or their families, neighbours, authorities, as well as available files and speeches of public speakers - all depending on avalaibility and where our research leads us. Interviewees are never mentioned by real names, will be asked permission for the interview and then repeatedly for including what they said in the production. Following the strict rules of documentary theatre, these texts might be cut and the order of how we use the materials will be up to the artistic team, but what the interviewees say will never by stylized or changed in any other way.
What we may add in addition are our own reactions to these events as members of the majority, white society, who will constitute the majority of the performers.

“The Beauty and the Beast” is a long-term sociopilitical theatre project, the first three phases of which are devised to begin in March 2010 and end in March 2011. The Roma stand in this long-term project’s focus for the first few years, whereby other - e.g. gay, Jewish - hated minorities will constitute the theme of minor parallel events and of later periods.
It is our aim “To hold a mirror to (our) nature” - to help majority society better understand the mistakes we make with our minorities, notably the Roma and help start a more thorough discussion about possible solutions rather than revert to the prevailing “hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil”.