PanoDrama is an organisation founded by the dramaturg and producer Anna Lengyel to promote contemporary international drama and theatre in Hungary and contemporary Hungarian drama and theatre abroad and to run international collaborations with free groups and artists. While keeping its main focus on new drama, due to social and political changes in Hungary like growing racism and discrimination, most notably against Roma PanoDrama launched a three-year socio-political project-series The Beauty and the Beast in 2010 that the trailers focus on.

From earlier productions:


Sarah Ruhl: Clean House
Hungarian premiere, first play of the author in Hungarian
With the Sanyi és Aranka Theatre and an exquisite cast of leading Hungarian actresses and one actor to open on October 10th.
directed by Andor Lukáts

Martin Crimp: Attempts on Her Life
Hungarian premiere, first play of the author in Hungarian
With Mobil Front Workshop the first production of any play by the modern English classic
directed by Pál Göttinger
The show won the award for Best Director at the Festival of Independent Productions.

Untitled Mars (this title may change)
an original work, a US-Hungarian coproduction which opened at a leading Off Broadway Theatre PS122 in New York city with a three-week run
directed by Jay Scheib
The production had the highest critical acclaim, won an Obie Award for set design and is nominated for the Hewes Award for both set and costume design

The show is brought to the Budapest National Theatre by its Hungarian producer, Anna Lengyel and will open there on the 28th of November 2008


German-Hungarian coproduction
an original work conceived by the two performers Verena Specht. Ronique, Anna Szandtner and the producer/dramaturg Anna Lengyel
ran in Berlin, Frankfurt, Budapest and Tasmania

Play-reading workshops

PanoDrama regards it as its mission to find great new plays that have not been translated yet and have them translated into Hungarian, or in case of Hungarian dramas into other languages, thereby making it available for future productions. Lacking these endeavours, the Hungarian system of subsidies does not allow for new plays to be translated before a production is guaranteed, and since most directors - except for the youngest generation - do not read or speak any languages but Hungarian, dramaturgs and translators must often translate with no commission and hope that there judgment of the play being of interest to Hungarian theatre makers and audiences will produce them and pay for the translation, as well.

PanoDrama programmes and organises these readings and tries to also publish the plays in an informative booklet on the give theatre culture and contemporary drama (three such booklets have been published already).

A few of the two dozen plays introduced to Hungary by PanoDrama:
Lukas Bärfuss: The Bus, The Test, Sergi Belbel: Blood, Elfride Jelinek: Raststaette, Rechnitz, Stecken, Stab und Stangl, Juha Jokela: Mobile Horror, Arne Lygre: Shadow of a Boy, Mika Myllyaho: Panic, Chaos,

Mika Myllyaho’s Chaos workshopped at the Nordwind Festival in Berlin
Csaba Mikós Vater workshopped and read at the Volkstheater in Vienna

Two contemporary Hungarian plays’ rehearsed readings at the Hungarian Cultural Center in New York, one directed by one of the leading young directors, Jay Scheib in tandem with Anna Lengyel
Hamvai: Castel Felice (translation commissioned for this occasion), Háy János: Géza Boy

Play development workshop and competition
November-January 2009
thematic workshop for young aspiring playwrights as part of the Goethe Institute’s international project After the Fall at the National Theatre

Result: three previously unpublished and unproduced young playwrights have since won several awards with their plays written for the workshop, one was selected among the best plays of the year, two have been produced abroad

workshop conceived, programmed by Anna Lengyel for PanoDrama and led by the renowned author, László Márton