Árpád Schilling needs no introduction and neither does Krétakör in general. But now Krétakör is changing all the time, so at the moment there seems to be no definitive  description that fits this multifaceted company (now without an ensemble of actors), always looking for new challenges.  The present selection shows two productions not on repertory any more, but responsible for changing the perception of independent theatre in Hungary, Seagull and BLACKland both with the wonderful company of thirteen actors. Many other revelative works of Schilling like W - Worker’s Circus, a very strong example of physical theatre or Leonce and Lena, a tale told with a wonderful directness and simplicity on a single mat, or later work like Before/After by Roland Schimmelpfennig all set in an auditorium with the actors sitting in our midst and all of us looking at our reflections in the mirror on stage, the list could go on. These productions have travelled around the world, putting a small Hungarian ensemble very clearly on the map.

Seagull already shows the pure and intimate kind of theatre its director was going towards with no set, no costumes, just the text and the actors in a ruthless close-up - an idea further researched by the three-men hamlet.ws

Since Schilling dissolved the company in 2008 with most actors ending up in the best theatres as it is clear from this compilation, the founding director has started researching a combination of community theatre, TIE and site specific projects, two of which are part of this DVD. Actors and some other collaborators will be mentioned, but it is crucial to underline the role of the former managing director, Máté Gáspár in making Krétakör a truly international company.