HOPPart is an independent theatre company with a special interest in researching ways to broaden the performative means of musical theatre. The players graduated from the University of Theatre and Film in Budapest in 2007, in the class of directors Tamás Ascher and Eszter Novák. Right after having received their degrees in acting they founded a new, independent theatre company under the name of HOPPart (supplementing their regular employment at different established theatres), producing two or three new shows annually.

HOPPart’s career has just started. Among their most exciting new work not reviewed on this tape is Chicago Kander and Ebb is a version like the last Sweeney Todd production on Broadway, where performers not only sing, play and dance, but also play the music of the show, forming a wonderful orchestra. The fact that all roles are cross-gender cast in Sándor Zsótér’s staging is a piece of cake for these young actors bursting with energy and clearly in no need of sleep.

Korijolánusz, which does feature in this edition, is a mature and sophisticated piece of minimal theatre about the most essential issues of today’s Hungary, directed by the brilliant actor, Csaba Polgár.