Viktor Bodó was born in 1978 in Budapest where he completed his schooling by simultaneously building a career in theatre and in film, thus becoming successful both as actor and director. He first became famous as the lead actor in Schilling’s Baal which toured all over France with Bodó as a revelatory performer. However, he soon decided to leave acting for directing and apart from the odd film he has yet to say yes to a request.

He started his directing career at the prestigious Katona József Theatre, where he staged Rattledanddisappeared among other succesful shows. In 2007 he started working abroad regularly and since 2009 he has also had his own company, the Sputnik Shipping Company Modern Drama and Behaviour Research Institute-Lab. They reside at the MU theatre, where through a separate entrance they get to their upper floor studio, where they also perform. He also takes half of his company with him whenever he works abroad, but also invites other young directors (Dániel Kovács, Pál Göttinger, András Dömötör) to work with those left at home.

In a time of financial and structural uncertainty threatening the existence of many independent groups, Sputnik’s numerous international coproducers are a safety net they can always fall back on.

Like Pintér and HOPPart they are a very musical group with some opera voices and many instruments among them, so all shows offer as much entertainment as Rattledanddisappeared.